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Begins: Thursday, 6 Sep
Ends: Wednesday, 12 Dec
Half Term: 22 Oct - 26 Oct
Inset day – Friday, 19th October (no school)


Begins: Tuesday, 8 Jan
Ends: Wednesday, 28 Mar
Half Term: 18 Feb - 22 Feb (inclusive)
Inset day – Friday, 15th Feb (no school)


Begins: Wednesday, 24 Apr
Ends: Thursday, 4 Jul
Half Term: 27 May - 31 May (inclusive)

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    Wed 14 February 18

    The Barnes Montessori Nursery chose Jigsaw4U. This was in memory of our much loved groundsman’s wife, Gayle, who sadly took her own life in March 2017 in very tragic circumstances. She left a husband and two young sons. Jigsaw4U offers grief support for children and families helping them put the pieces back together. Jigsaw4U provides a unique child-centred approach that enables children and young people to deal with situations of loss and trauma and promotes their active participation in decision making. The Charity gives them the support to feel safe and listened to. The... Read more

  • RNLI Lifeboat

    Tue 21 November 17

    The children walked across to the River where we met up with the RNLI (Chiswick) Lifeboat team. They were shown the kits and lifesaving equipment they use in the event of having to save someone from the water. They arranged for one of their boats to go along the river and then approached the children. There was much excitement. They learnt about the importance of safety, especially in the water, and what to do and not to do in an emergency. Chiswick RNLI Lifeboat is one... Read more

  • Presentation on The Montessori Approach

    Wed 04 October 17

    Presentation for Parents/Carers on our Montessori Approach to learning and development and the Early Years Foundation Stage Miss Anne-Marie, Miss Mary-Clare and Miss Kylie gave a Presentation on the Montessori approach to learning and development and the Early Years Foundation Stage. This was well attended and delivered in the Clubhouse where a classroom with Montessori materials and other tools used for scaffolding the children’s learning was set up. We talked about the Early Years Foundation Stage (2017) which is a statutory framework for early learning and care for all under 5s provision. The Barnes Montessori Nursery works... Read more

  • Dynamic Dad's Day

    Thu 07 September 17

    To celebrate Fathers’ Day we invited fathers to join us on one of three mornings leading up to Fathers Day. Many signed up and either spent time in the classroom or outside playing football, joining in creative art activities,blowing bubbles with a machine kindly brought in by a father or reading a story. They socialised with children and other fathers. It was a fantastic team effort and enjoyed by all. Some comments: “Thanks for inviting me to join you for Dynamic Dads Day. It was lovely to sample a... Read more

  • Dressed by the Kids Day

    Fri 16 June 17

    With the generosity of parents at the Barnes Montessori Nursery £273.05 was raised. The children ‘dressed the teachers’ to give poverty a dressing down. This has now been passed on to Oxfam and donations may in some cases be life-changing. It could give children a brighter future, get urgent food and water to people in disasters, or help families learn new skills and build better lives for themselves around the world. Just £27 is enough to train a teacher in some of the world’s poorest countries. Our collection would train 10 teachers! Read more


    Thu 15 June 17

    The Barnes Montessori Nursery raised £102 through the sale of the Easter Chicks. Trinity Hospice helps terminally ill patients in their care as well as their families, carers and friends. They rely on donations. Read more