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Term Dates


Begins: Thursday, 6 Sep
Ends: Wednesday, 12 Dec
Half Term: 22 Oct - 26 Oct
Inset day – Friday, 19th October (no school)


Begins: Tuesday, 8 Jan
Ends: Thursday, 28 Mar
Half Term: 18 Feb - 22 Feb (inclusive)
Inset day – Friday, 15th Feb (no school)


Begins: Wednesday, 24 Apr
Ends: Thursday, 4 Jul
Half Term: 27 May - 31 May (inclusive)

Job Opportunities

We currently have no vacancies.

Earth Day 2015

Earth Day 2015 was a global ‘give back to Earth’ event, as an ‘offering’ for all the planet gives us.

Earth Day aims to inspire awareness of and appreciation for earth’s environment…..something, we believe Maria Montessori would have supported.

Miss Kim kindly donated a Honeysuckle plant. This will attract butterflies and other various insects, and provide shelter and food for many small creatures and birds. The children planted this as our contribution to Earth Day.

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