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The Barnes Montessori Nursery follows and promotes the Montessori approach which is the ethos of the school whilst adhering to the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory Framework (2021)

The Barnes Montessori Nursery believes in:

  • Laying the foundations for the child’s future learning, for their sense of themselves, their confidence, self esteem, respect and interest in the people and world around them – an education for life

  • Ensuring every child’s need is met in such a way that those foundations are solid in every aspect of learning

  • Equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice, ensuring every child is included and supported. Our equipment and resources are varied and accessible to all children and support children in different ways

  • Providing a happy, healthy and safe environment in which our children can develop and grow, fulfil their individual potential and express their characters and feel valued – whilst behaving in a friendly, respectful and considerate manner towards children, parents, carers and colleagues

  • Celebrating achievements and promoting in our children a positive attitude, enthusiasm and a sense of achievement, which in itself is conducive to independence and learning

  • Continuing good practice which the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework (2021) builds on and to which we adhere

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