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“A huge thank you to you and your staff for the dedication, passion, warmth and professionalism you have shown to our daughter.

We are blessed and fortunate to have been able to send her to your nursery. We have seen her grow in confidence and independence in ways that we just could not have imagined. She has flourished in every possible sense and we could not think of a more perfect start for her educational years.

Our only wish is that you ran an educational establishment that took her through to ‘A’ levels and then we would be the first to sign up” (a parent).


“Barnes Montessori has given our children the most caring, constructive and nurturing start in life. The dedication, enthusiasm and support shown by Anne-Marie True and the team is unique and inspiring. We feel very fortunate to have had Barnes Montessori in our lives”. (Lucy Mason-Pearson)


“Our four children attended the Barnes Montessori Nursery and we cannot recommend it highly enough. They are all very different but, without exception, have all been incredibly happy and flourished during their time there. The teachers are highly trained and experienced, with a commitment to the children that is outstanding. They work incredibly hard and create a secure and welcoming environment where the children quickly learn that everything is interesting. All the children at the nursery are encouraged to develop their skills using the Montessori equipment and approach so that they develop great confidence and independence. Our children mainly started nursery as fairly quiet, shy and uncertain and left as confident, happy children who enjoyed learning and taking part. Without doubt, Barnes Montessori gave the children the best possible foundation for starting school and the next stage of their education - but nothing was ever as much fun as nursery!” (Rotha Bell)


“I have been privileged to be a parent of four children attending the Barnes Montessori Nursery. The school that Anne-Marie True has established is outstanding; a wonderful example of the Montessori approach taught by a team of longstanding, committed and inspiring professionals. All my children have adored going to school there from the very beginning, taking their first steps as independent little people in the most nurturing, loving, stimulating and fun environment I could want for them. Their happiness is the ultimate accolade”(Karen Moore)


“Both my children talked about the happy time they had at the Barnes Montessori long after they left. My son said he would have been content to have stayed there for the rest of his school career! All the teachers are clearly dedicated to the well being and happiness of each child, something that appeared so evident in the calm happy faces of both the children and parents alike. My little girl, who has special needs, was immediately embraced by the nursery and made to feel very special. She basked in the teachers care and attention and Anne- Marie True and some of the teachers went out of their way to attend a Makaton signing course with us, which they went on to teach the other children, performing their nativity play with songs and Makaton signing. I would not hesitate to recommend this Montessori nursery to anyone who wants a gentle and caring start for their childrens’ education” (Karen Hignett)


” All three of my children have passed through Barnes Montessori and I could not be happier with the results. They are notably different characters, yet each child left nursery a, happy, confident and enthusiastic little person. I said a grateful prayer of thanks to Anne-Marie True and the wonderful teaching staff at Barnes Montessori on the first day of school for each of my children. I truly felt they could not have received better foundations and preparation for school and life ahead of them.

The Montessori approach allows each individual child to flourish and the result is a happy and fulfilling nursery experience. The environment is warm, loving, disciplined and nurturing, with a great emphasis on values and respect. The dedication and experience of the staff makes Barnes Montessori exceptional. I cannot recommend it highly enough” (Georgina Holmes)


” Many years ago I did my teaching practice at Barnes Montessori as a Montessori Student. I gained invaluable experience whilst there, amongst friendly and professional staff in a happy and vibrant environment.

All these years later, it was wonderful that my daughter was able to enrol at Barnes Montessori. Five of the members of staff remained from my time there as a student - testimony in itself. Florence had the easiest transition from being at home with me to going to school each morning. Not once was there a tear or worry from her.

The dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable staff provide a warm and nurturing first experience of school, at the same time allowing the children to develop great independence and confidence through the Montessori approach.

I cannot recommend Barnes Montessori highly enough. Children flourish whilst they are there and leave happy, confident, respectful, well adjusted and ready for the next stage of their schooling. I feel lucky that Florence was part of it ” (Lulu Johnston)


“Our daughter attended Barnes Montessori Nursery and we couldn’t recommend it highly enough. The Caterpillar group sessions over the summer term prior to starting in the Autumn Term really helped her settle in gently and steadily. The teachers are warm and welcoming. Nothing is too much trouble and they were very supportive of our daughter. We really valued their individual approach, which meant they really got to know her during her time there and encouraged her to follow and develop her own interests. Perhaps most importantly for us, the nursery is a fun and very happy place to be. We only wish our daughter could have stayed there longer”! (2014 Parent)


“All my four children attended the Barnes Montessori Nursery over a period of ten years. They always went into nursery happily and I always considered that they were having the best educational start. Over this period there was a consistency of high standards and a calm and stable atmosphere and yet the school and the “work” the children did was always fresh and evolving. The children benefitted from the almost tranquil nature of their environment. I cannot recommend the nursery highly enough and my children have many happy memories of their time there” (Miriam Gray)


Caterpillar “My experience of the introductory Caterpillar Class has been incredibly positive, both for me and of course for my daughter. I had always suspected it would take time for Florence to adjust to nursery life as she had never been apart from me before. After a couple of sessions she just walked in and settled. Nothing was too intimidating. We took the option of once a week and the session lasted less than two hours. Everything seemed very calm and the staff were all welcoming and caring. When it came to September and starting five mornings a week she cried for all of five minutes on the first day and has not looked back since. She knew exactly what to expect and was delighted to see several friends with her from the old Caterpillar Class. I highly recommend the Caterpillar Class to ease any separation issues and to familiarise any child with the routines and the happy environment the Barnes Montessori Nursery is” (Lizzie Matthews)


“Forest School has given Finn an outlet for his natural curiosity of the natural world. Come rain or shine, he has been out there building camps, brewing nettle tea, foraging for interesting plants and creatures, toasting marshmallows on the camp fire (a highlight I suspect) and all the while building his skills and confidence. The Forest School learning approach is also highly complementary to Montessori methods and as such a really good addition to the core nursery schooling in which Finn has thrived during his time at Barnes Montessori.

Finn is always enthusiastic about Forest School. It has been such a wonderful experience and a top highlight for our son”. (Fraser Moore)


“It has been a real joy to hear my child recounting her tales of Forest School each week - stories of tree-climbing, building dens, base-camp, making leaf necklaces and even toasting marshmallows in a real fire. It has definitely captured her imagination and I love the fact that, even though we live in London, for a few hours each week she is a country-girl” (Mrs Matthews)


“My youngest child, a boy, has significant speech and language delay and the nursery and staff were so wonderful in dealing with his special needs. We decided to obtain an Education and Health Care Plan for him (formerly a Statement of Special Needs) and the staff, and in particular the school’s SENCO, could not have been more helpful throughout the process, which lasted an entire academic year. She and Mrs True were always there to support us and were so accommodating with writing numerous reports, dealing with the council, and not to mention various visits from speech therapists and other professionals throughout his time at the BMN. The SENCO, who was also his keyperson, was so dedicated and caring with my son and worked with our private speech and language therapist to implement the recommended exercises to assist him in the classroom. She even took a Makaton course to be able to better communicate with him, as well as create visual aids and think of other techniques to help him with his learning. She really was so passionate about helping our son, and we were so grateful for this. She also made sure he was not excluded by any of the other children and structured play sessions to help him learn how to take turns and interact better with his peers. My husband and I were so impressed with the professionalism and dedication in which the matter was dealt with and we can’t recommend the nursery highly enough.” (Mrs Whish)


“We are delighted with the support and teaching both our sons have received during their time at Barnes Montessori.  We are especially pleased with the care and support given to our youngest son who has special educational needs.  He was extremely happy during his time with Miss Anne-Marie and her great team who have created a nurturing and inclusive environment in which he could develop at his own pace.  The nursery worked tirelessly partnering with us on our successful application for an EHCP; providing invaluable support with the paperwork and many interactions with local authority employees.  The school’s SENCO was very professional and sensitive at all times. She was also very generous with her time. I believe Barnes Montessori is an excellent nursery and a wonderful place for a child to take their first steps in education” (J. Currell)


“We wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for welcoming our son into your nursery. The support and care he has received during his transition period has been truly exceptional. Your dedication to his well-being and the kindness you have demonstrated mean the world to us. We can see the excitement and enthusiasm grow with each passing day, and it is all thanks to the wonderful team at the nursery. We appreciate the attention to his needs, the patience shown during his settling-in phase, and the effort put into making him feel safe and happy. We are excited about the learning journey that lies ahead at your nursery. Thank you for creating a supportive and enriching environment that fosters growth, curiosity and a sense of belonging. With heartfelt thanks” (Parent, 2023)