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Begins: Thursday, 5 Sep
Ends: Wednesday, 11 Dec
Half Term: 28 Oct - 1 Nov (inclusive)
Inset day – Friday, 25th October (no school)


Begins: Wednesday, 8 Jan
Ends: Friday, 27 Mar
Half Term: 17 Feb - 21 Feb (inclusive)
Inset day – Friday, 14th Feb (no school)


Begins: Tuesday, 21 Apr
Ends: Friday, 3 Jul
Half Term: 25 May - 29 May (inclusive)

New September intake Induction Morning: Friday, 22nd May – (no school)

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Dynamic Dad's Day

To celebrate Fathers’ Day we invited fathers to join us on one of three mornings leading up to Fathers Day. Many signed up and either spent time in the classroom or outside playing football, joining in creative art activities,blowing bubbles with a machine kindly brought in by a father or reading a story. They socialised with children and other fathers. It was a fantastic team effort and enjoyed by all.

Some comments:

“Thanks for inviting me to join you for Dynamic Dads Day. It was lovely to sample a day at Barnes Montessori with my son, his friends and teachers. Tyler had fun showing me round. Together we played outside with bubbles, planted a broad bean and did some arts and crafts. It was a heart warming experience” (James Currell)

“It was so wonderful to see our girls in their nursery environment and to be part of their day. Best of all I got to put faces to names I’ve been hearing about for the last year”! (Guy Gittins)

“My experience of Dynamic Dads Day was really positive. It was great to spend a little time seeing my child in a different environment, displaying behaviours and skills that are so different to home. It’s great to have a one-on-one memory with her. I’d really recommend the day”! (Tim Minall)

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