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Term Dates


Begins: Wednesday, 24 Apr
Ends: Thursday, 4 Jul
Half Term: 27 May - 31 May (inclusive)


Begins: Thursday, 5 Sep
Ends: Wednesday, 11 Dec
Half Term: 28 Oct - 1 Nov (inclusive)
Inset day – Friday, 25th October (no school)


Begins: Wednesday, 8 Jan
Ends: Friday, 27 Mar
Half Term: 17 Feb - 21 Feb (inclusive)
Inset day – Friday, 14th Feb (no school)


Begins: Tuesday, 21 Apr
Ends: Friday, 3 Jul
Half Term: 25 May - 29 May (inclusive)

New September intake Induction Morning: Friday, 22nd May – (no school)

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Parent Evening Presentation

The Principal, Anne-Marie, introduced the evening by highlighting the importance of fostering ‘Independence’ as a foundation for life. Montessori’s famous quote: “Help me do it by myself” is a guiding principle and key aim of Montessori practitioners. Children have a spontaneous and natural drive for independence. this is not a pedagogical slogan but something that comes from within – a child’s innate need to be able to do things for themselves.

Anne-Marie went on to show how in our Montessori environment we help each child to achieve this…

Our guest speaker, Jeremy Clarke, lecturer at Montessori Centre International and with a wealth of teaching experience gave a thought provoking talk on ‘Montessori on your mind’. The Active Mind – a brief introduction to the brain and how research is giving strength to the Montessori approach and how this benefits our children.

The evening concluded with Charlotte White, a very experienced Montessori teacher, with her own children and grandchildren, outlining the purpose and content of the sessions she offers to parents.

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