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Presentation on The Montessori Approach

Presentation for Parents/Carers on our Montessori Approach to learning and development and the Early Years Foundation Stage

Miss Anne-Marie, Miss Mary-Clare and Miss Kylie gave a Presentation on the Montessori approach to learning and development and the Early Years Foundation Stage. This was well attended and delivered in the Clubhouse where a classroom with Montessori materials and other tools used for scaffolding the children’s learning was set up.

We talked about the Early Years Foundation Stage (2017) which is a statutory framework for early learning and care for all under 5s provision. The Barnes Montessori Nursery works within this framework and guidelines. There are many commonalities between the EYFS and our Montessori curriculum.
We talked about several themes which underpin Montessori’s view of education and how Independence – first steps towards a happy future is a core principle and what happens on a daily basis in a Montessori classroom. A child’s spontaneous and natural drive for independence is one of Montessori’s key discoveries. To become independent children need ‘freedom’, with responsibility, but within limits. They need time and opportunity for repetition and exploration, to develop self discipline and ability to self regulate in order to foster their unique potential. Respect for self, others and the environment is essential. We discussed how it is earned and learned from role models (staff) in the environment. Trust in the child is one of the most important aspects in child development.

To help parents understand how we do this they saw how our carefully prepared favourable learning environment, which remains at the heart of Montessori education today, supports the individual progress of each child. This organised environment offering rich learning opportunities under the guidance of a well prepared teacher helps the child gain high levels of self esteem. The value of observation and as Montessori said: “the little glimmerings that can be recognised as soon as something new is developing” is fundamental to understand each child. Parents/carers saw how children can learn through active play and think creatively in order to grow in autonomy, initiative and resilience whilst embracing new challenges with enthusiasm and courage. Montessori schools place emphasis on the importance of process rather than end product.

Montessori display

Comments below from two parents:

“Thank you so much. It was not only informative but inspiring and fascinating to learn more about the environment created and the tools used for learning during the various stages of a child’s development. Your approach is so constructive, whilst child-led, encouraging a child’s natural desire for independence. I am convinced the approach manifests a love of life-long learning in children.

We live in a world that often prioritises outcomes over process …. I had forgotten to slow down and take pleasure in my child’s engagement with the world. I was also left with some practical ideas and tools to take home with me and am excited to work in partnership with you and the team” (Joanna Sellick)

“Both my husband and I found the presentation very informative and we enjoyed seeing all the wonderful materials the children get to use and play with whilst also learning how using the materials helps with their concentration, development and independence too. I left feeling inspired to bring a little bit of the orderliness of the classroom to our home and have swapped our toy buckets with a proper toy storage unit with trays to encourage my son to put things away when he has used them and of course find them when he needs them!
The staff obviously care deeply about education and the children they teach. It is lovely to know that our son is in such safe, caring and capable hands”! (Anna Berger)

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